Welcome to The Technology of Living.

Anyone who knows me personally will tell you that I am a gadget nut. It’s not that I have to be bleeding edge about everything, I certainly am not a bleeding edge kind of guy. I do however have an appreciation for innovative design, well crafted execution and aesthetic quality.

I choose the technology of living as a theme for this blog since it is something that I care about deeply. I am lucky enough to work for a company that is heavily invested in technology and one that serves a customer community equally tied to technology in terms of their own products or the use of technology to produce their products.

But, technology extends far beyond the workplace. Technology is a part of our entertainment, our education and virtually all of aspects of our lives. This is not a profound revelation, we are after all, technologists.

To that end, I hope to see this forum become a place where we can share our own experiences, good and bad, with our daily use of and exposure to technology.

We’ll talk about all of it by the way, technology at work, technology at home, tech on the move and tech in the cloud.

I hope you will participate generously and return here frequently.

Lou Washington

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