Lou Washington

Lou Washington is a Sr. Marketing Manager with Cincom Systems, Inc. Lou works with the Enterprise Systems group within Cincom and in that capacity he manages tactical marketing activities related to Cincom’s flagship ERP offering, CONTROL and Cincom’s Microsoft Dynamics AX practice.

Lou’s personal interests include history, music, reading and cinema. His love of technology extends into each of these areas. Lou considers music to be a great area for gadget geeks. In addition to playing guitar and keyboards Lou enjoys writing songs and recording live music.

A graduate of the University of Missouri, Lou is a proud Mizzou Tiger. He grew up in Columbia, Missouri, home of the University of Missouri. In addition to attending Mizzou, he also held several staff positions at the university following his graduation.

Prior to his career at Cincom, Lou was with Tab Products Company. He held several positions at Tab working out of the Palo Alto based company’s corporate headquarters.

You can visit Lou’s Cincom blog by clicking HERE. For more information on Cincom’s ERP solutions, click HERE