By Lou Washington

In case you’ve been in a Christmas Coma, you may want to check out some of the Consumer Electronic Show post-mortem reports. The 2012 event has wrapped and is in the history books.

Not that anyone will notice. Reading the various accounts of the show does not exactly get me all excited. Usually there is one outstanding product or product group that has everyone talking.

For me, CES is frequently the place where next Christmas starts. I can’t really get all excited this year. It just doesn’t seem like anything earth shattering was announced. The biggest news was the absence of Apple.

So what was on the menu this year?

Tablets, of course. This is one I really do not get. I think the manufacturers have completely missed the boat here.

I have an iPad 2. I love it. It cost me something like $700. I have the 64 gig version. It’s a steal! Nothing compares to it. My netbook has not booted up in months. My laptop rarely leaves the office. The iPad does everything and it does it better.

Why do people think we want a cheaper tablet that does less and does it less effectively? It makes no sense. What good is an eReader with a slow browser, blurry screen and no apps? I have better things to do with two hundred bucks than buy something that sort of works. I’d rather buy an etch-a-sketch.

Why hasn’t someone delivered a tablet for slightly less than a thousand bucks that offers more performance and more features than the iPad? That’s a market.

Speaking of which, let’s look at the Ultra-books. This is moderately exciting. Super thin, powerful and they run Windows. Isn’t this what the Apple haters have been looking for? I could get excited about an Ultra book. Lenovo has the right idea with their book morphing into a touch screen tablet. That will outsell all the iPad wannabes.

I’m not even going to talk about telephones. My contract doesn’t expire until July, so I’m still chugging along with my Samsung and my 3G hotspot.

The camera news was somewhat interesting but nothing really got me excited there either. For me cameras come from Canon or Nikon. I like having a snap-shooter in my phone, but for real photography, I’ll still be using my DSLR.

I am intrigued by the OLED TV technology. I like the idea of large light weight screens. At 4 mm thick, the weight to size issue should be getting reasonable.

But, all in all, I just don’t see much happening in the world of gadgets and toys that makes me want to reach for my plastic. I think this may be the year I upgrade my guitar. I’ll have a report on NAMM.